Daily Schedule
Here’s a taste of the daily routine at The Poplar School.
08:30-09:00Arrival in playroom-use of riding toys,                                rice box, clay or marker table-free                                      large motor activity.

09:00-09:20Morning greetings, informal time to                                    share, sing and begin day.  Rug time,                               calendar, jobs,  weather, rhymes,                                       songs, introduction of day activities,                                  review of sounds and counting.

09:20-10:30Free Choice of activities in                                                classroom: blocks, games, painting                                  area, house area, dramatic play.                                        Supervising adults also lead several                                 academic readiness activities, crafts,                               art projects, and  study of nature.

10:30-11:00Snack (provided by parent)

11:00-11:30Library-reading time

11:30-12:00Outdoor recess

12:00-12:30Lunch (to be brought from home)

12:30-01:00Puzzles and games

1:00-1:30    Music or theatre

1:30pm        Parents pick up children-end of day.

   School meets Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm