Star of the Day Program
Here at The Poplar School we like to celebrate what makes each child special and unique.  The way we do this is by choosing a special person.  We try to schedule this celebration around birthdays, but it is not always that easy, due to birthdays that fall in the summer time.  Each week a different child will be celebrated and made to feel as special as they really are!  The children learn many different things during this time.  They learn that we are all alike in many ways and different in many ways too.  They learn patience, it isn't always easy waiting for your special day to arrive!  They learn about themselves and feeling proud of whom they are.  We know how special they are, and we want to make sure they know how special they are!   Here's How it Works:
Watch the calendar each month, your child's special week will be posted.  During that week, your child will share special privileges such as being line leader, first choice, etc.  Each child will get a crown, have their body traced and colored, and create a special book all about themselves that they will share with the class and their family on a special day chosen during their special week.  The morning of their special day, you are asked to bring in your child's favorite snack to be shared with the class at snack time (10:30 AM).

Parents are invited on the special day to visit the classroom (usually at 1:15).   You may bring in pictures that show how your child has grown and changed, and also pictures of family members.   Please feel free to share anything about your child that you feel is special!  The special day closes with a play chosen and performed by your child and his/her classmates.